"We have been extremely pleased with the results of our decision to become a $averPak brand partner and we look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with Thunder Mountain International"
Dale Baker - Vice President of Sales, JT Eaton Co., Inc


Customers Love the Value and Convenience of $averPak brand products. Thunder Mountain International partners with the manufacturers of exceptional products and brands to promote, market and sell their products in our extremely popular $averPak brand configurations.

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TMI always represents the products in the best possible light; utilizing only high quality and professional product images, creating unique and custom features diagrams and providing additional supporting information thru enhanced brand content.

We create and promote mutually beneficial $averPak in-brand and cross-brand product bundles that places your products in other closely related product categories and thereby introduces them to a wide range of new potential customers throughout the different sales channels.


We invest a considerable amount of our own resources towards the branding, marketing, promotion and sale of all $averPak products.  For Example, TMI promotional fliers showcasing the $averPak products are included inside the product packaging of other related $averPak brand products, which were shipped to over 15,000 new customers last year alone.


$averPak products are currently sold through the three largest Internet Sales Sites; Amazon, Ebay and Walmart.com.  The products are all prominently featured on our Amazon Stores, Ebay Store, and Walmart.com

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TMI provides the highest level of customer service and support possible, which is evidenced by the fact that we have continually maintained a 100% Customer Satisfaction rating on all of the marketplaces through which we sell.

Are you a manufacturer/brand owner who would like to speak with us about becoming a Brand Partner or a seller that would like to talk to us about becoming a Dealer or Distributor?

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Phone:  1-814-810-7978 or Email: sales@thndrmntn.com


We greatly value our $averPak brand partners and work closely with them to ensure that their branding and other information and expectations are properly represented with respect to all of the associated $averPak brand items.

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$averPak products are listed, marketing and sold specifically under the $averPak brand name.  Therefore, associated $averPak brand products do not interfere in any way with your brand listings through any sales channels or with your branding, marketing, promotion and/or the sale of your brand’s products.

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